XINENG has adopted an advanced manufacturing philosophy of “CNC cutting, mechanized welding and in-mold assembly”. This allows for processing with great precision. We focus on improving every detail of the boiler production process, to ensure the efficiency and quality of every product.

The CNC cutting machine our company has introduced increases the blanking accuracy, and thereby provides a strong guarantee on quality in the follow-up welding and assembly process. We have updated a large number of welding machines, which has enabled us to achieve mechanized welding and produce world-class quality welds. Meanwhile, we have employed highly-experienced welding operators who ensure the manufactured products possess consistent quality.

In addition, XINENG places extreme importance on quality control. We carefully check every weld to ensure all of the components are airtight. This policy has given us the confidence to provide customers with stellar guarantees on quality products.

Last, we run our boilers through an insulation process. Finished products are efficiently stored in the warehouse and are ready to be shipped worldwide. They enjoy a high-level reputation among our extensive range of customers.

Manufacturing Strength

Steel pipes are purchased from Yangtze River Steel Tube Limited Company and Baosteel Group Co.,Ltd., guaranteeing the product quality.

  • Raw material warehouse
  • Steel pipes are purchased from Yangtze River Steel Tube Limited Company and Baosteel Group Co.,Ltd.

The process will be greatly improved mainly by strengthening the welding. In recent years, our company carried out a large-scale welding technology revolution, gradually eliminating manual welding with low efficiency and poor stability. By using the mechanical welding with high efficiency and good stability, automatic welding, our company basically realizes the mechanization of welding.

  • Workshop for steam boiler
  • Welding area
  • Workshop for thermal oil boiler
  • Automatic production line of flexible hose

GSII-4000 CNC cutting machine using plasma cutting has accurate and efficient cutting effect. In addition, it is close to the bottom of the steel plate when working. And we use water to absorb the smoke generated when cutting the steel plate, which has 80% or more dust removal effect.

  • CNC cutting area
  • GSII-4000 CNC Cutting Machine

Automatic Edge Milling Machine
The automatic edge milling machine has a more reasonable structure. The operation of milling head is more stable and reliable. And the feed servo system and return system are completely independent. In addition, the equipment is featured of high efficiency, fast return speed and convenient angle adjustment of milling cutter. The equipment uses imported inverter with wide speed range, high accuracy and constant output torque to achieve stepless speed regulation of power head and walking box.

CNC Universal plate rolling machine is featured of unique bending process, high precision end pre-bend, continuous bending without horn and CNC bending. It can complete rich bending shape, such as O type, U type, R type and so on.

  • CNC Universal plate rolling machine

Gantry Type CNC Drilling machine with CNC processing, high precision and easy programming is mainly used to process flange, heat exchanger and tube plates. Reinforced gantry greatly increases the rigidity of the machine, guaranteeing large cutting operations.

  • Gantry Type CNC Drilling machine

The equipment can supply 1000A output connector, improving the weld quality of submerged arc welding and MIG welding. Flat shape allows the DC-1000 to be installed under the workbench, and two machines can be stacked to save ground space. Through the removable side panel, we can easily access the internal parts.

  • Automatic submerged arc welding

Production Line of boiler membrane wall

Gas metal arc welding machine for membrane wall can be used to manufacture boiler membrane wall of large power stations. Treated flat steel and steel pipe are welded into boiler membrane wall. The equipment using mixed gas shielded arc welding is equipped with 8/20 welding torches, achieving up and down welding at the same time.

  • Welding station

X-rays can penetrate material and it will attenuate in the material. On the basis of that, we use X-rays to check product defects, such as stomata, slag and other defects. We will detect welding parts, steel tube and steel plate of product before leaving the factory, effectively controlling the quality of the product.

  • Semi-finished products will be sent to nondestructive testing room.

We use water pressure testing to check tightness and compressive strength of compression element. After inspecting compression element, we will conduct stress test on valves, boiler tubes and headers if they are replaced or overhauled. The new boiler, repaired boiler and boiler with large area of new heat pipes will be carried on overpressure test.

  • Water Pressure Testing
  • Water Pressure Testing of heat pipe

Insulation process is strictly controlled. By using high-quality insulation materials, such as aluminum silicate fiber board, ceramic fiber board and rock wool, the temperature of shell of boilers is not 30 ℃higher than the ambient temperature.

  • Insulation process
  • Boilers and accessories
  • Delivering heat pipe
  • Boiler workshop and delivery area
Product Videos
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  • Biomass-Fired Steam Boiler, SZL Model
  • Large Industrial Boilers, Power Station Boilers