Oil/Gas-Fired Steam Boiler, WNS Model

The WNS type oil/gas-fired steam boiler mainly consists of corrugated boiler flue, combustion chamber and front and rear smoke boxes, as well as other core components. It is best known for its strong adaptability. The end of the boiler can be configured with economizer, condenser and other devices. The temperature of flue gas is lowered to less than 70 degrees Celsius, and the fuel consumption is reduced to the maximum extent.

WNS oil/gas-fired steam boiler is a horizontal triple-return wetback corrugated boiler. Heating surface is symmetrical, effectively reducing the thermal stress of boiler and improving thermal efficiency. By using combustion chamber arranged in a low position, safety scope of water is greater, guaranteeing the quality of steam. The boiler covers a small area with compact structure.

  • WNS oil/gas-fired steam boiler
  • WNS oil/gas-fired steam boiler

DZL coal-fired steam boiler is a chain-grate boiler with single drum. Threaded smoke tube forms convection heating surface of fire tube. And tube sheet uses low stress arched structure without pull bar. Chain-grate boiler has different wind rooms and each room adjusts the air flow independently. In addition, grate can achieve stepless speed regulation.

  • DZL coal-fired steam boiler
  • DZL coal-fired steam boiler
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