Demonstrated here is the YYW type thermal oil boiler. Let’s take a look at its structural design. This product begins operation with a burner. It creates energy by heating a coil via radiation and convection.

The YLW type coal-fired thermal oil boiler has a radiation section which uses a double-coil structure to ensure safety and possesses a 10% overload capacity. The convection section is designed with an S-shaped solid tube, which ensures the flow rate of the medium is stable.

The WNS type oil/gas-fired steam boiler mainly consists of corrugated boiler flue, combustion chamber and front and rear smoke boxes, as well as other core components. It is best known for its strong adaptability.

XINENG’s SZL biomass-fired steam boiler mainly consists of upper and lower drums as well as convection tube. The upper drum combined with front-mounted convection tube is the radiation section.

Large boiler is mainly used in large-scale plants, which features high and stable vapor pressure, high working efficiency, small fuel consumption, easy operation and small repair rate.

Product Videos
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