Thermal Oil Boiler, YYW Model

Demonstrated here is the YYW type thermal oil boiler. Let’s take a look at its structural design. This product begins operation with a burner. It creates energy by heating a coil via radiation and convection. Within the inner cylinder, the heat is transferred by radiation and in the outer cylinder by convection. After high-temperature combustion has been completed, flue gas will be discharged from the outlet of the boiler. Upon request, a waste heat recovery unit can be installed, which contributes to a decrease in the temperature of flue gas as well as an increase in the working efficiency of the boiler and is more cost effective!

Heating surface of YYW thermal oil boiler is compact. Medium, outer coils and outer surface of inner coil form convective heating surface. The fuel burns in the combustion chamber formed by inner coil and radiant heating surface absorbs most of the heat. Then the high humidity flue gas enters convective heating surface for heat exchange.

  • YYW Thermal oil boiler
  • YYW Thermal oil boiler
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